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Tax & Legal Newsletter Romania
February 2013
In February 2013, the Romanian authorities introduced a number of new tax and legal measures, including:
  The 2013 State Budget and Social Security Contributions Laws

The State Budget Law and Social Security Contributions Law for 2013 have been published.
(More information)

  Court decision regarding unlawful nature of the claw-back tax

The Constitutional Court ruled on 5 February 2013 that the computation method applied for the claw-back tax is partially unlawful. (More information)

  Amendments to form 100

Form 100 has been amended to include the new taxes levied on the energy industry. (More information)

  Consumer price index for updating advanced quarterly corporate income tax payments

For the 2013 fiscal year the consumer price index used to update advanced profit tax payments will be 104.3%. (More information)

  Procedure and conditions for the refunding of excise duty and VAT on goods sold in duty-free shops

The procedure and conditions for the refunding of excise duty and VAT on goods sold in duty-free shops have been approved and came into force as of 21 February 2013. (More information)

  Increase in excise duty on cigarettes

The level of excise duty levied on cigarettes is to increase as of 1 April 2013. (More information)

  Details of agreement between Romania and Switzerland regarding exchange of information procedure

Additional details have been released regarding the exchange of information procedure for fiscal purposes between Romania and Switzerland. (More information)

  Amendment to Forms 220 and 223

Forms 220 and 223 and the related instructions were amended as of 20 February 2013. (More information)

  ANRE approves monitoring methodology for natural gas market

New provisions have been adopted by the ANRE to regulate the methodology by which a unitary system is established for traders on the natural gas market and thereby to ensure and promote competition and a high level of transparency on the market. (More information)

  New provisions regarding implementation of the new Civil Procedure Code

Recently adopted provisions establish new procedures that are to be observed subsequent to the entry into force of the new Civil Procedure Code on 15 February 2013. (More information)

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